Palermo mourns the loss of audio technician Danilo Pasca at 40

The world of music and entertainment is mourning the death of Danilo Pasca, a sound engineer from Palermo who would have turned 41 at the end of the month. Danilo’s life was always intense, with a passion for his work and love for his children and his wife Irene, which she joyfully shared on Facebook. Pasca was knowledgeable in old technologies, being a son of the trade, but also an expert in all the new digital equipment. Always courteous and helpful, ready to give advice and suggestions. Danilo passed away after battling a serious illness that had been affecting him for some time. The outpouring of condolences on social media shows how much he was respected as a man and a professional. Rary Milano writes: “We will all remember your smile and your kindness. Thank you Danilo Pasca for all the times you allowed artists and the public to enjoy the art that ‘we’ live and share on stage, thanks to hardworking people like you who make all that magic possible. The true artists are you, ‘audio angels,’ who shine with sweat, hard work, dedication, sacrifices, patience, and constant availability from under a stage and without spotlights on you.” Giovanni Di Franco also expressed his respect and affection: “Danilo, write to me and tell me that I’m dreaming. Having had the opportunity to share stages, events, and your extraordinary professionalism with you, and to appreciate the wonderful person you were, are, and will be even in heaven, has been an absolute privilege for me. Rest in peace dear Dani, I am certain that you will bring your humanity and professionalism wherever you may be.”

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