Palermo mourns Davide Currao: photographer and activist who fought for the recovery of Sperone

Palermo and the entire Sperone neighborhood mourn the death, after an illness, of Davide Currao. A photographer, activist, and filmmaker, but not only: a man who had dedicated himself so much to the community, to the recovery of the neighborhood. Currao was part of Sperone 167, a collective born, it is said, for the care of the community. Davide was 46 years old, and lived in the world of photography constantly experimenting without ever losing his imprint.

Since the age of 6 he began to deal with reflex cameras thanks to his grandfather, passionate about photography. His school education in the field of advertising technique and later the Roman school of photography, broadening his horizon from author photography to professional photography, but the experience that particularly marked him was that at the Roman studio of the French Severine Queyras.

Two years ago he signed a documentary, Sperone 167. Many condolences messages on social media. The funeral will be on Monday at 10.30 am in the church of San Girolamo in Ficarazzi.

Palermo, morto Davide Currao: fotografo e attivista, aveva lottato per il recupero dello Sperone

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