Palermo march against crackdown, Lorefice: “Death sold by those who want to dominate our youth”

“Sicily has gone crack”. The slogan adorns the banner that led hundreds of young people through the streets of Palermo’s historic center today. The protest reiterated the city’s rejection of crack and other drugs that have flooded the streets. The demonstration called for the approval of a bill presented by Francesco Zavatteri, father of a nineteen-year-old who died due to crack. Archbishop Corrado Lorefice, sensitive to the issue, joined the protest, denouncing those who want to enslave and manipulate young people. Zavatteri highlighted the need for collaboration to prevent and treat drug addiction. The protest aims to combat the powerful industry behind the trafficking of these deadly drugs.

Corteo a Palermo per dire no al crack, Lorefice: «Morte venduta da chi vuole dominare i nostri giovani»

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