Palermo man slides 40 meters at Capo Gallo, gets stuck among rocks: rescued by alpine rescue squad

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The joint intervention of the Sicilian Alpine and Speleological Rescue, 118 emergency service, and the 82nd Csar of the Italian Air Force was carried out to rescue a South American hiker who was injured in the Capo Gallo reserve in Palermo. The 28-year-old Uruguayan man was hiking alone on a trail near Barcarello when he slipped and fell down a cliff, sustaining multiple injuries and getting stuck among rocks. He managed to call for help using his cellphone, providing rough indications of his location to the emergency center. The Alpine Rescue team was dispatched on foot but requested the assistance of a helicopter to quickly reach the remote and rugged area. The Italian Air Force was then called in for assistance, and a helicopter was dispatched from Trapani Birgi airport to rescue the injured hiker using a winch. The man was then airlifted to safety and taken to a nearby hospital for treatment. In case of incidents in mountainous or rugged terrain, the Alpine Rescue can be contacted through the emergency number 112, specifying the need for rescue in such environments. This ensures a quick and efficient response from the rescue teams.

Palermo, scivola per 40 metri a Capo Gallo e resta incastrato tra i massi: recuperato dal soccorso alpino

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