Palermo man jailed for murder of Fragalà, later acquitted: to receive 300k in damages

Francesco Paolo Cocco, with no previous convictions, will be compensated with 300,000 euros after being acquitted of participating in the murder of lawyer Enzo Fragalà. The Cassation Court has given final approval to the measure after the appeal from the General Prosecutor was rejected.

Cocco remained in prison for three years: from March 15, 2017, to March 23, 2020. The investigation against him included the interception of a conversation with his wife and statements from collaborator of justice Francesco Chiarello, who was not considered reliable as he was contradicted by another informant, Antonino Siragusa.

Enzo Fragalà was beaten to death outside his office near the Palermo Courthouse. He died in the hospital on February 26, 2010, after three days of agony. Besides Paolo Cocco, Francesco Castronovo was also acquitted.

For the murder, Antonino Abbate (sentenced to 30 years in prison), Francesco Arcuri (24 years), Salvatore Ingrassia (22 years), and Antonio Siragusa (14 years) have been convicted with final sentences. The motive for the murder was linked to the professional activity of the Palermo lawyer, with the aim of punishing him for taking positions in mafia-related criminal proceedings that were not in the interests of the organization.

Palermo, in carcere per l’omicidio Fragalà e poi assolto: sarà risarcito con 300 mila euro

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