Palermo man dies in fire on Via Michele Cipolla: He allegedly set the flames

Shortly before the fire in which he was killed, he would have called 112, announcing that he would set fire to the apartment where he lived. New details emerge about the dramatic fire that occurred on the sixth floor of a building in Via Michele Cipolla in which Giuseppe Padiglione, 56, died. In the house, the elderly mother, 87-year-old Anna Partinico, also risked losing her life, but was saved by the firefighters. Behind the tragedy there may have been the man’s will, disabled after an accident, to commit an extreme gesture. Investigations are ongoing, but the phone call Padiglione reportedly made before setting the flames would confirm the hypothesis already emerged this morning after the intervention of the rescuers. Besides the firefighters, who were engaged for hours at the scene of the fire, the carabinieri also intervened trying to reconstruct the phases of what happened. The neighbors were the ones who raised the alarm in the middle of the night, alerted by the intense smell of smoke. When they looked out the window, they were faced with a terrible scene. The flames in the house located between Corso dei Mille and Via Lincoln, a few meters from the central station, were already high and intense. They spread to all the rooms within a few minutes. The man was found dead in his room, the mother in another room: she would not have noticed anything, but was immediately located by the firefighters because she was sleeping in an area near the entrance and was thus rescued.

Palermo, morto nell’incendio di via Michele Cipolla: l’uomo avrebbe appiccato le fiamme

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