Palermo man attempts robbery on woman, arrested after fleeing

The Carabinieri of the Palermo Crispi station executed a precautionary measure order, issued by the judge for preliminary investigations of the Palermo Court, at the request of the Public Prosecutor’s Office, against a 59-year-old man, already known to the authorities.

The evidence collected by the military, which essentially led to the precautionary measure, shed light on an attempted robbery that took place on St. Stephen’s Day, in the center of Palermo, against a 46-year-old woman who was in her parked car.

The suspect allegedly entered the victim’s car brandishing a pocket knife and demanding her to hand over her cellphone with which she was talking to her sister at that moment. The woman, feeling deeply scared, instinctively reacted by screaming to attract the attention of passersby and trying to push the aggressor out of the car, who then fled empty-handed in another vehicle.

The Carabinieri, who arrived at the scene, collected a description of the robber and, with the help of some witnesses, identified the direction of his escape. Subsequent investigations, also carried out through the analysis of surveillance camera footage from the area, led to the identification of the man who is now under house arrest with an electronic bracelet.

Palermo, tentò di rapinare una donna ma venne messo in fuga: ora è stato arrestato

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