Palermo man arrested in Ballarò with 865 grams of hashish and cocaine doses

The State Police arrested D.A., a fifty-year-old man from Palermo accused of drug trafficking. The police officers, in Matteo Sclafani street, in Ballarò, noticed a motor vehicle stopped in the middle of the road in front of a building with an open door. They became suspicious and waited. The man came out of the building and was stopped and checked. He was found in possession of 7 doses of cocaine and 205 euros in cash. In the house, in the same apartment from which he had come out, 9 blocks of hashish weighing a total of 865 grams, an egg and two packages of the same substance weighing about 100 grams, a precision scale and material for packaging drugs were found.

All the material found, the drugs (weighing almost a kilo in total) and the money, believed to be proceeds from drug trafficking, were seized, while D.A., arrested on the spot for drug possession with intent to distribute, is under house arrest awaiting trial. The arrest was validated by the judge.

Palermo, aveva 865 grammi di hashish e dosi di cocaina: arrestato a Ballarò

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