Palermo magistrate Marzia Sabella warns of mafia resurgence: drugs, weapons, extortion – alarm bells ringing

The article discusses the resurgence of the mafia in Palermo, specifically focusing on Cosa Nostra. The prosecutor Marzia Sabella notes a return to violent tactics and a rise in drug trafficking and availability of weapons. Recent incidents, such as the killing of emerging boss Giancarlo Romano, highlight the mafia’s reemergence and use of violence. There is also a discussion on the mafia’s sources of income, including drug production and extortion (pizzo), as well as their evolving relationships with other criminal organizations like ‘ndrangheta. The article also touches on ongoing investigations and efforts to uncover the truth behind past mafia crimes. Additionally, there is mention of the changing perception and challenges faced by magistrates, with the government planning to introduce psychological tests for judges in 2026.

Palermo, il magistrato Marzia Sabella: «La mafia prova a riemergere. Droga, armi, pizzo: torna l’allarme»

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