Palermo jewelry store robbed in broad daylight: No witnesses, frustration expressed by Cipolla jewelers

The owners of the Cipolla jewelry store in Palermo’s historic center are speaking out about the insecurity and omertà (code of silence) that surrounds them. Last Saturday, the store experienced a failed robbery attempt in broad daylight. The surveillance cameras captured footage of a gray car parking in front of the store, from which five hooded individuals emerged and began tampering with the locks. The owners are shocked by the audacity of the thieves, noting that the attempted robbery occurred at 3:05 pm when there were many people around. The surveillance footage also showed a man nearby who was later interrogated by one of the thieves. The owners are calling attention to the growing insecurity faced by businesses in the historic center and believe that both the police and the city’s culture of omertà need to change for the situation to improve.

Palermo, la spaccata in pieno giorno: nessuno ha visto, lo sfogo dei gioiellieri Cipolla

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