Palermo introduces 40 eco-compactors for plastic bottles with discounts and bonuses

Discounts and bonuses for recycling plastic: today in Palermo it is possible thanks to the new 40 ecopactors for bottles and containers that are arriving in all districts of the city. This project is made possible through the synergy between Rap, the municipal administration, and the national consortium for the collection, recycling, and recovery of plastic packaging Corepla, presented this morning (June 18) in Piazza Politeama. The machines will be placed in all the key points of the city: you just need to have the Pet bottles with a clearly visible label to easily start recycling and benefit from discounts and bonuses, “which in the coming months – explains the president of Rap Giuseppe Todaro – we are thinking of extending to the Tari tax as well.” The aim is to encourage the population as much as possible to recycle and correctly dispose of waste, especially plastic, which is of great importance – Todaro continues – we hope to improve the culture of recycling.”

The ecopactors can collect “up to 5 tons of plastic per year – explains Giovanni Cassuti, president of Corepla – considering that each compactor, if used properly, can collect about a million bottles per month.” Meanwhile, good news comes from the Municipality regarding the waste regulations, “which we have delayed – says the president of the Municipal Council Giulio Tantillo – because we want to first sign the service contract. In the waste regulations, this type of machinery will also be included. There are key points that need to be covered.”

The Green Councillor Piero Alongi then reiterated the steps that should mark the calendar of hirings in Piazzetta Cairoli: “46 hirings of drivers have already been made – he recalled – we will soon hire the 106 operators, of which 50 will go to the separate collection that will start in Mondello, 25 to the displacement, and 25 to the regular collection.”

Palermo, sconti e bonus riciclando la plastica: arrivano 40 eco-compattatori per bottiglie e flaconi

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