Palermo into play-offs but wastes another win chance: Brunori and Soleri not enough, Ascoli finds late equalizer 2-2

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It talks about a football match between Palermo and Ascoli, where Ascoli managed to score a last-minute equalizer to draw 2-2. The article highlights the performance of Desplanches, the Palermo goalkeeper, who had a mixed debut with some good saves but also conceding two goals, both scored by Caligara. The article also mentions tactical changes made by the Palermo coach Mignani, including advancements in midfield and changes in the starting lineup. Despite a promising first half, Palermo failed to secure a victory, and the match ended in a draw. The article concludes by pointing out that this result keeps Palermo in contention for the playoffs with a view towards promotion to the top division.

Il Palermo ai play-off, ma spreca un’altra chance vittoria: Brunori e Soleri non bastano, l’Ascoli trova il 2-2 in pieno recupero

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