Palermo inaugurates exhibition gallery at Palazzo Palagonia with new press room.

This article describes an exhibition at the Modern Art Gallery of Palermo, showcasing some of the most prestigious masterpieces of the 20th century. The reproduction of these artworks on lightboxes creates an innovative exhibition that combines tradition and innovation, making art history accessible to contemporary audiences. The exhibition is curated by Civita Sicilia and aims to highlight the history of art through selective works from the gallery. The article also mentions a communication campaign called “Palermo Rifiorisce con Te” and a photography contest related to the 400th anniversary of the Festino in Palermo. The article emphasizes the importance of safety measures for the event, with plans for large screens in the city to avoid overcrowding. The exhibition will aim to create an immersive photo-story of the Festino and will be held at the Modern Art Gallery from September 4, 2024, until December 2024. Afterwards, the artworks will be displayed at other locations as part of the city’s cultural and tourist offerings. The article concludes by mentioning a photography contest open to journalists and professional photographers to capture the spirit and emotions of the 400th Festino.

Palermo, inaugurata la galleria espositiva di Palazzo Palagonia: c’è anche una nuova sala stampa

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