Palermo, Iginio Massari at Expocook: “AI in pastry can never replace humans”

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The cooking show of master Iginio Massari conquers Expocook. Between advice, artificial intelligence, and proposed laws, the most famous and important pastry chef in Italy shares his knowledge with the public, garnishing the afternoon with demonstrations and a talk that looks towards the future.

The eighth edition of the gourmet event, taking place until Thursday, March 14th at the Fiera del Mediterraneo in Palermo, is captivated by the mastery of the pastry chef, who warns against those who claim to defend tradition, instead expanding to innovation and evolution in the field of food. Massari then cautioned on the role that artificial intelligence can play and how it may soon conquer even pastry making. He emphasized the importance of setting limits to avoid losing control as the Romans did. He mentioned that artificial intelligence could become a danger if not properly controlled.

The message is clear and finds support with Massari himself, as well as with Nicola Fiasconaro who discussed the future of Sicilian pastry making on the stage. They both emphasized the importance of being proactive and not waiting for opportunities to pass by.

The day was full of events, including a morning session with over 150 pizza makers from around the world participating in the Expocook Pizza World Competition, judged by Errico Porzio, a descendant of a historic family of Neapolitan pizza makers.

Palermo, Iginio Massari a Expocook: «L’intelligenza artificiale in pasticceria non potrà mai sostituire l’uomo»

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