Palermo hunts for deleted messages from Onorato’s phone before death

The article discusses the ongoing investigation into the death of entrepreneur Angelo Onorato in Palermo. His body was found inside his car on May 25th under unclear circumstances. Technical expertise on the fingerprints found on the victim’s car and his electronic devices has begun, with a focus on erased files from the devices shortly before the body was discovered. Investigators are exploring various theories, including the possibility that something may have disturbed Onorato’s life leading up to his death. Family members believe it was unlikely he would have changed so drastically between attending a tennis club event the night before his death and the events that followed. The article also discusses the ongoing examination of the car and the possibility of using technology to track Onorato’s movements before his death. The family continues to believe that murder is the most likely scenario, while investigators are increasingly considering the possibility that Onorato committed suicide. The family’s lawyer emphasizes the importance of investigating any recent phone calls, messages, or videos on Onorato’s devices. The lawyer also requests privacy and expresses confidence in the investigative authorities to uncover the truth.

Palermo, caccia ai messaggi cancellati dallo smartphone di Onorato poche ore prima della morte

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