Palermo, hunt for the “movida” barbarians: camera footage to identify everyone

The hunt is on, and there are already several leads to the person who fired at least five shots during a brawl on Saturday night in Palermo. The Carabinieri are investigating a group of about ten young people who were involved in the altercation, which was captured on video and posted on social media. The incident, which occurred in a popular nightlife area, has brought to light ongoing issues with noise, illegal parking, and other disturbances caused by the local clubs and bars. A group of residents has filed a formal complaint with the authorities, detailing the disruptive behavior that has been escalating for years. Despite numerous complaints, the situation has remained out of control, leading to concerns for public safety.

Palermo, caccia ai barbari della movida: le immagini delle telecamere per dare un nome a ciascuno

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