Palermo hosts pink regatta celebrating life: Roman-style Dragon Boat Trophy.

The Pink Butterfly of Rome won first place in both the Breast Cancer Paddlers (Bcp) race rankings and the mixed crews at the National Lilt Dragon Boat Trophy 2024. The sixth edition of the pink regatta, held for the first time in Sicily, concluded in Palermo on June 22 and 23. The event brought together over 400 athletes from all over Italy who have already won a much more important battle against cancer.

The atmosphere during the intense two days of races and fun moments was filled with joy and unity. The president of Lilt Palermo, Francesca Glorioso, expressed her gratitude for the overwhelming support and participation in the event. The event aimed to promote health, prevention, and celebrate life, with the support of the City and the Region of Sicily.

The National Lilt Dragon Boat Trophy aims to promote hope and the joy of living for women who have overcome breast cancer. The practice of Dragon Boat racing also serves as a therapeutic exercise for post-surgical breast cancer patients, helping them with rehabilitation and improving their quality of life.

The event was supported by 35 partners and featured teams from Palermo, Siracusa, and Catania. The Palermo team, Aquile Rosa, shared their experiences of strength and solidarity gained through sports and group support. The event not only provided a platform for competition but also for empowerment and renewal after battling cancer.

A Palermo si chiude la regata rosa che celebra la vita, il trofeo Dragon Boat alla romana Pink Butterfly

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