Palermo hosts first stop of Base Camp EduFest, promoting fair and inclusive education

Base Camp EduFest, a festival for fair and inclusive education, will take place in Palermo on October 26-27. The event, organized by Base Camp – Territorial Education Presidia, in collaboration with Internazionale Kids, aims to bring together young people, parents, teachers, and the educational community to participate in various activities tailored for the festival. The program includes meetings, debates, and workshops on important contemporary issues such as sexual and emotional education, environmental sustainability, cultural diversity, and the school system. The festival will feature guests from various fields, including photographers, comic book writers, and experts on gender discrimination and prison conditions. The event aims to promote dialogue, challenge stereotypes, and combat gender-based violence. Base Camp EduFest is part of a wider project supported by Enel Cuore and Con i Bambini, aimed at reducing educational inequalities and increasing socio-cultural opportunities. For more information on how to participate, visit the project’s website or follow them on social media.

A Palermo la prima tappa di Base Camp EduFest, il festival diffuso per una scuola equa e inclusiva

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