Palermo hospital infection leads to €200k compensation from Policlinico

The Policlinico of Palermo has paid a compensation of 200 thousand euros to one of its patients, who suffered a serious bone infection after undergoing a surgery. After being convicted in the first instance, the university hospital decided not to appeal, making the judgment final. The compensation was established for a so-called “malpractice” damage, which arises from the incorrect fulfillment of the clinical-care service.

B.E., the initials of the man who underwent the surgery with some medical errors and contracted osteomyelitis, an infection that affects the bones and is mainly caused by bacteria or other germs. The patient, undergoing a surgical procedure for a fracture, would have contracted this infection following the implantation of a prosthesis, as emerged.

The extraordinary commissioner of the Policlinico hospital, Maria Grazia Furnari, has acknowledged the outcome of the court proceedings and the related conviction, deciding the payment of the recognized sum as compensation, with accrued interest and legal fees. In her statement, she also mentioned the State Attorney’s opinion, which defended the Policlinico in this process by stating that there were no “valid grounds for appeal”. The judge, in sentencing the healthcare company, considered the report of the expert appointed as Ctu, who examined the case and concluded that there was a valid causal link between the osteomyelitis infection suffered by the patient and the surgical acts performed at the hospital.

The court, in issuing the condemning judgment, stated that the conclusions submitted by the experts were well-supported and that the compensation claim was justified based on a solid argumentation. All the initial reasons for the healthcare company’s opposition to the compensation request were rejected. B.E., represented by lawyer Giuseppe Emanuele Greco, was recognized a 30% reduction in psychophysical integrity due to this infection, which poses various risks in the short and long term, such as diabetes, renal failure, peripheral vasculopathy, skin lesions, and immune system deficiencies.

Palermo, contrasse un’infezione dopo un intervento in ospedale: il Policlinico paga un risarcimento di 200 mila euro

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