Palermo heading towards playoffs: rules, semifinals, and final with home and away games

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Two out of three results available, but beware of playing for the “x”: if the match between Palermo and Sampdoria were to end in a tie at 90′, the guests, as provided for in the Lega B regulations for the first round of the playoffs, will have extra time to secure qualification; there are no penalties, so if the score is still level at 120′, the team with the better ranking will advance. In the case of next Friday (May 17), it would be Palermo.

The scenario changes for the semifinal and final, both structured on a two-legged tie: the winner of the preliminary round plays the first leg at home while in the event of a tie, the team with the better ranking advances, but this time there are no extra times. This means that in order to reach Serie A, Palermo, if they qualify on Friday, must win at least one out of two games in both the semifinal and final: the only exception is if they were to face Brescia in the final, who finished eighth in the regular season. In that case, a draw would be enough.

In the photo are the coaches of Palermo and Sampdoria, Mignani and Pirlo.


Il Palermo verso i play-off: ecco tutte le regole, semifinali e finale con gare di andata e ritorno

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