Palermo, German policewoman robbed on Vittorio Emanuele avenue: Gambian thief, 33, quickly arrested.

A German policewoman who was on vacation in Palermo was mugged by a non-European immigrant on Vittorio Emanuele Street, then arrested by the Carabinieri. The incident occurred on Monday afternoon, when the 31-year-old tourist was walking in the historic center exploring the landmarks. The woman was approached by the robber, who swiftly snatched her purse. An alert was sent to the authorities from Vittorio Emanuele Street, and the mobile radio unit quickly located and arrested the 33-year-old Gambian perpetrator.

Palermo, poliziotta tedesca scippata in corso Vittorio Emanuele: subito arrestato il ladro, un gambiano di 33 anni

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