Palermo gang rape: Immediate trial for the six suspects

The prosecution may request an immediate trial for the six adult boys accused of group rape that occurred on the night of July 7 at the Foro Italico. This special procedure, usually proposed by the prosecutor (although the defendants also have the same option), bypasses the preliminary hearing and goes straight to the trial when the evidence appears evident. A final decision on this matter, which could shorten the trial process, is expected to be made by mid-November when the transcription of the probative incident should be filed. The defense options for the group have been further reduced after the 19-year-old victim confirmed her accusations at the end of the recent hearing. The investigation has been concluded for Riccardo Parrinello, the only minor at the time of the sexual violence. The attorney for the boy, who turned 18 during the investigation, has been notified by the Juvenile Court of the preliminary hearing request.

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