Palermo: Fracesca Chillemi visits Mondello for a traditional dinner in a trattoria.

Sicilian actress Francesca Chillemi enjoyed an evening in Mondello while filming the new season of “Viola come il mare” with Can Yaman. The highly anticipated series has been filming in Palermo for several days, and Chillemi treated herself to a seafood dinner at a local trattoria. She shared photos with her followers, including one in front of a traditional octopus stall, looking happy and ready to enjoy the traditional delicacies of her homeland. The actress has also been sharing behind-the-scenes photos on set and at the beach on Instagram, garnering thousands of likes from fans eagerly awaiting the new episodes. Chillemi plays a crime journalist named Viola Vitale with special abilities in the series, alongside Turkish actor Can Yaman, who plays Chief Inspector Francesco Demir.

Palermo, Fracesca Chillemi fa tappa a Mondello: cena tipica in trattoria

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