Palermo extends ban after landfill fire until September 10

The mayor of Palermo, Roberto Lagalla, has extended the protective ordinance until September 10th, following the recent fires at the Bellolampo landfill. The results of the analysis on milk, meat, and feed sent to the zooprophylactic institute in Bologna have not yet been received by the city council. The extension particularly applies to the thorough washing of fruits and vegetables and the avoidance of consuming animal products (meat, milk, and eggs) within the 4-kilometer area affected by the ordinance. Lagalla emphasizes the importance of waiting for the data from the health authority before making any further decisions. Additionally, recent air and soil samples have shown no presence of dioxin above the legal limits, providing reassurance to the public.

Diossina, a Palermo prorogati fino al 10 settembre i divieti dopo l’incendio nella discarica

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