Palermo exhibition by Tommaso Chiappa at Grand Hotel Piazza Borsa: “An ode to real life”

Sicilian artist Tommaso Chiappa presents “Living,” his new site-specific installation that focuses on reality and everyday life, created specifically for the Grand Hotel Piazza Borsa in Palermo. The installation, consisting of 11 previously unseen works, depicts Sicily and its colors and light. Chiappa’s paintings capture the movement and authenticity of daily life without censorship. The artworks showcase famous locations like the Cathedral and Capo, emphasizing the relationship between humans and spirituality. Chiappa aims to connect art with people’s everyday lives, making his works accessible to a wider audience. The artist uses oil paint to create detailed and fluid pieces that capture variations in light and expression. The exhibition will open on November 5, 2023, at Via dei Cartari 18 in Palermo. Two of the 11 works will remain on display at the Grand Hotel Piazza Borsa until December 11, 2023. During the opening event, Chiappa will present a live performance creating drawings and paintings on various formats and supports. The artist has worked in unconventional spaces such as offices, factories, schools, hospitals, and hotels, aiming to enrich and enhance the atmosphere of these locations. Chiappa’s previous projects include directing the artistic direction of the exhibition “Genio italiano” at the Onda Rossa Museum in Caronno Pertusella and the installation “Restart City” at Ucimu’s headquarters in Cinisello Balsamo. He has also contributed to urban redevelopment projects in Bagheria, Termini Imerese, and Palermo. In 2023, Chiappa inaugurated the exhibitions “Overland,” showcasing an adventurous journey through the world’s streets, and “Grand Tour,” featuring 15 unreleased paintings that trace a route through 13 locations in Palermo.

Palermo, nuova mostra di Tommaso Chiappa al Grand Hotel Piazza Borsa: «Un inno alla vita reale»

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