Palermo: Eco-worker hit and run, fakes car theft before surrendering

He admitted his responsibilities, but shortly before he would have tried to simulate the theft of his car, the one with which he would have hit the garbage collector who was seriously injured in via Villagrazia in Palermo. And so, the position of B.Z, the sixty-one-year-old who yesterday, June 18th, surrendered after running over the ecological operator of a company working for Rap, worsens: he will in fact have to answer not only for failing to provide assistance and injuries, but also for simulating a crime. He has been reported. Some hours after the incident, based on what was reconstructed by the municipal police, he would have left the car, an Opel Corsa, in the area of via Oreto, telling the carabinieri that he was a victim of theft, in a desperate attempt not to be held responsible. The investigators, thanks to the footage from the cameras in the area of the incident, were already on his trail and the driver then had a change of heart: he indicated to the municipal police the location of the vehicle. Investigations and technical surveys immediately started on the car, confirming compatibility with the impact. A very violent collision that caused serious injuries to the lower limb of the ecological operator: urgently transported to the hospital, he underwent a delicate surgery for the amputation of the leg. He is hospitalized at the Civico.

Palermo, investe un operatore ecologico e scappa: «Prima di costituirsi ha finto il furto dell’auto»

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