Palermo eco-job contest: Awaiting approval from the Municipality for 306 ecological workers

The content discusses the selection process for drivers and waste management operators in Palermo. The list of eligible candidates for the driver positions has been released, while the selection process for the operators is still ongoing. The list for drivers will be valid for three years and will be available on the company’s website for 15 days for excluded candidates to make any objections. The company has prepared an industrial plan for the next few years, but it requires approval from the municipality for implementation. The commission is currently evaluating the applications and aims to reduce the candidates from 18,000 to 3,000. The company is in need of new employees to replace those who have left the company in recent years. The average age of the current workers is 54, higher than the national average of 49. The situation has caused tension and union unrest, with demands for financial support and career progression. The mayor has called for a meeting to address these concerns and find a resolution.

Palermo, il concorso per 306 operatori ecologici: si attende il via libera del Comune

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