Palermo Easter homily by Lorefice: “Let’s redeem our cities, increasingly overwhelmed by fears and burdens of death”

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The Archbishop of Palermo, Corrado Lorefice, guides the faithful through the mystery of the Resurrection in his Easter Mass homily, denouncing wars and deaths afflicting Europe and the world. He emphasizes that love and gentleness are antidotes to the iniquity caused by minds enslaved to the idol of profit. The Archbishop urges people to not be contaminated by evil and to find new energy for change in the Resurrection. He also visited prisoners at Ucciardone prison, baptizing a catechumen and emphasizing the call to a new life permeated by grace. During the Easter vigil, 17 catechumens received the sacraments of Christian initiation.

Palermo, l’omelia di Pasqua di Lorefice: «Riscattiamo le nostre città, sempre più sopraffatte da paure e macigni di morte»

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