Palermo: Diagnostic tools and money stolen from boat “Dulcinea,” halting heart screening campaign

Thieves stole diagnostic tools and money from the boat Dulcinea, which was in the port of Palermo, used by Cardioteam Foundation Onlus for “A sail for the heart”, a heart screening campaign promoted in collaboration with the Italian Naval League, which is circumnavigating Italy, from Genoa to Venice, bringing free prevention in ports to reduce the number of deaths caused by heart attacks and strokes.

“Last night (March 22, 2024) – says Marco Diena, president of Cardioteam Foundation Onlus – at the end of the heart exams of the people of Palermo who warmly welcomed the initiative, two criminals stole the equipment for exams in the port of Palermo: echocardiograph, computer, iPad viewer and the backpack with the personal money of the cardiologist. We are very sorry for what happened and we know that this incident does not reflect the spirit of the Sicilians, serious and honest people who welcomed us in an exemplary way this month, from Lipari to Capo d’Orlando, from Cefalù to Palermo, and we rely on their generosity to repurchase the equipment and continue our mission throughout the entire island”. Cardioteam Foundation Onlus, for the first time in Europe, with the support of nautical bases and members of the Naval League, is bringing a boat equipped with sonographers and wireless echocardiograms around Italy for a whole year, touching almost 40 ports and carrying out thousands of free echocardiograms on subjects from 50 to 75 years old.

The boat, Dulcinea, as the foundation says, is forced to stop because money is needed to repurchase the equipment. And a fundraising campaign has started on The Italian Naval League, partner of the campaign “A sail for the heart”, expresses its solidarity with President Diena and Cardioteam Foundation, condemning “this despicable theft that risks compromising a prevention initiative for the health of great value and impact for the population”.

Palermo, rubati strumenti diagnostici e soldi dalla barca Dulcinea: si ferma la campagna per gli screening al cuore

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