Palermo: Debris collapse near courthouse, post office closed

A tragedy was narrowly averted in Palermo in the past hours. Around 11 pm yesterday, several chunks of debris fell on via Impallomeni, in the building next to the courthouse, which used to house the judicial offices and currently hosts a post office on the ground floor. The building is empty and was undergoing renovations. The debris fell on the scaffolding, which then collapsed onto the street. Overnight, the fire department was called, and they secured the area and fenced off a large section of the street. The post office remained closed this morning, and it’s uncertain when it will reopen. The collapse occurred at night, when no one was on the street. The outcome could have been different if it had happened during the day in a busy pedestrian area.

Palermo: crollo di calcinacci accanto al palazzo di giustizia, l’ufficio postale rimane chiuso

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