Palermo, Cuticchio’s puppets meet popular theater

Don’t miss the appointment this afternoon at 5 pm in Via Bara all’Olivella, with one of the most significant shows of the Mimmo Cuticchio Theater. The play for the big stage Don Turi e Gano di Magonza, produced by Teatro Biondo in 1994, will be screened, featuring the tradition of the Cuticchio family’s puppets and the popular theater of the Zappalà family. The show is part of the year-end program of the Figli d’Arte Cuticchio Company, focused on the theme of “The Journey” and centered on the early exploits of the French paladins. The entrance to the screening this afternoon is free. The photo shows the cast of the time.

Palermo, i pupi di Cuticchio incontrano il teatro popolare

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