Palermo cultural heritage protection unit recovers 3,583 archaeological assets.

The Carabinieri of the Cultural Heritage Protection Unit in Palermo present the report of their operational activities in 2023. They recovered 3583 archaeological artifacts, 80 historical relics, reported 41 people, and conducted over 450 preventive checks. Their intervention strategy focused on two main areas: prevention activities, such as inspections of cultural sites like museums, archives, libraries, and archaeological areas, and law enforcement investigations to combat theft and criminal activities in the cultural sector. In 2023, they carried out 471 prevention checks and conducted police investigations that led to the arrest of 41 individuals for various crimes related to theft, receiving stolen goods, counterfeiting of artworks, and environmental offenses. They also seized illegally obtained cultural artifacts worth over 1.5 million euros and returned them to museums, churches, and competent authorities for public enjoyment.

Palermo, il Nucleo tutela patrimonio culturale recupera 3.583 beni archeologici

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