Palermo crisis, Mignani: “We must show character”. Soleri: “It’s time to face each other”.

Understanding why Palermo offered such a disastrous performance on the field against Spezia is not easy. After the game, Palermo coach Michele Mignani says that “the team must show character at a time when all the others are fighting for an objective”, while striker Edoardo Soleri, who played from the start and was on the field for the full 90 minutes, promises maximum effort starting from tomorrow, but warns himself and his teammates that “words are carried away by the wind, it’s time to look ourselves in the face and find solutions.”

Okay, it will be done, it will be said, it will be tried. But why wasn’t it done today? “The approach to the game was not what we should have had,” the coach says. First half didn’t show up, in short. And a conceded goal, a real gift for Spezia. “We have responsibilities in the goal – but we should have been able to try to get back into the game, to turn it around.” Instead, nothing. “In the second half, the team reacted, tried to get back into the game, but what we do is never enough…” More is needed, it is necessary, says Mignani, to “pull out the attributes, to regain confidence in ourselves and repay the fans who always support us, both at home and away.” Mignani is already looking ahead to Sunday’s game against Ascoli, the last of the regular season at the Barbera stadium. “We want to regain a home victory, the fans deserve it. But to do it – says the coach – we have to work on ourselves, on our anxieties and worries. And play a great game.”

A collective introspection session is needed, as Soleri also suggests. “We need to come together, as a group I mean, finish the season well and focus on the playoffs,” says the Roman striker, according to whom “we need a turning point because Palermo deserves more. The fans are disappointed and so are we. We must work from tomorrow in training to reverse this trend.” For the team and especially for the fans. “Today was May 1st and despite the holiday, they came from Palermo. I understand them. We will try to make them happy in the upcoming matches, to make them proud of us. We will start preparing for the game against Ascoli immediately, which will be difficult because all teams are now fighting for something. We have been missing a victory for too long. We have not given up, but it is a tough period for us.”

Crisi Palermo, Mignani: «Dobbiamo tirare fuori il carattere». Soleri: «È il momento di guardarci tutti in faccia»

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