Palermo control center accelerates sewer and sewage treatment interventions

To speed up the implementation process of sewage and wastewater treatment interventions in Palermo, a steering committee has been established today between the structure of the extraordinary commissioner for purification, represented by deputy commissioner Toto Cordaro, the Municipality of Palermo, represented by infrastructure assessor Totò Orlando, and Amap, represented by president Alessandro Di Martino.

“The establishment of the steering committee with key players such as the Municipality of Palermo and Amap – says deputy commissioner Toto Cordaro – is essential to address any critical issues in order to complete the work within the expected timeframe. We are starting a path of virtuous collaboration between institutions to provide an immediate solution to any problems that may arise in the implementation of infrastructure.”

Palermo, una cabina di regia per velocizzare l’iter degli interventi per fognature e depuratori

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