Palermo clears wood piles for St. Joseph’s fires

Police officers, together with municipal colleagues and workers from the waste management company, removed several piles of wood ready to be set on fire in the days leading up to San Giuseppe in Palermo. In Bonagia, officers intervened to remove a quantity of wood stacked near a school. The accumulation was located near an uncultivated piece of land with dense vegetation. Hidden behind the foliage, more wood was found, destined to fuel the flames. In the Oreto area, a pile was removed from a large vacant lot near a residential area. In Piazza Ingastone, the piles removed, including metal carts, had likely been collected in preparation to be taken to other parts of the Zisa neighborhood for burning. Wood ready to burn, along with more hidden in lesser-traveled paths, was found near parking lots adjacent to the Civico hospital. Lastly, in the Montepellegrino area, near the Alberghiero institute, a small wood dump was dismantled, also ready to be set on fire.

Palermo, rimosse cataste di legna pronte per le vampe di San Giuseppe

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