Palermo: Citysea amphitheater inaugurated as hub for entertainment, culture, and laughter

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A second ribbon cutting that opens the doors of the Citysea amphitheater. Now, the city of chef Natale Giunta’s restaurant is truly complete: with 2500 square meters of space on three floors, a rooftop, the sea-view amphitheater, five cocktail bars, and a state-of-the-art conference room, the project born within the trapezoidal pier is the flagship of the new city port. A real gem, with sea and Mount Pellegrino views, the amphitheater is equipped with cushions to allow visitors to admire the sunset while savoring a drink.

And in spring and summer, the concert season begins, presented this afternoon (May 10) in the presence, among others, of Mayor Roberto Lagalla and urban regeneration assessor Maurizio Carta. Themed evenings, events, jazz, blues, and piano concerts will accompany Palermitans and tourists: all made possible by the partnership with Pucci Scafidi Events by Pucci Scafidi. “Today we open this place which will be a place of entertainment, culture, and laughter – explains enthusiastically chef Natale Giunta – we open the season of the new amphitheater of the city of Palermo. There will be shows, important Sicilian artists – he continues – and cabaret: in short, we open the doors to the city.”

But how does it come about? “For the love of music – satisfied Pucci Scafidi – we are in love with this city and we hope to bring great musicians and make art and culture in such a beautiful place.” The first evening will be on May 26, “with two shows, one at 7:30 pm and one at 9:30 pm – explains Federica Inglese Drago of Pucci Scafidi Events – and we will have Karima, an artist who is making a name for herself in an important music scene and who has already collaborated with Mario Biondi. Tickets can be purchased on Ticket One, a dedicated platform – continues Inglese Drago – and every evening there will be a physical ticket office one hour before all events.”

In the video, the words of Natale Giunta, Pucci Scafidi, and Federica Inglese Drago.

Palermo, inaugurato l’anfiteatro del Citysea: «Un ritrovo di spettacolo, cultura e risate»

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