Palermo City Hall hires 5 managers and 48 officials with different roles

The article explains that the municipality is proceeding with a series of hirings and increases in working hours for 356 employees. The Commission for the financial stability of local authorities approved 26 resolutions from 23 administrations, resulting in 8 adjustments to staff numbers, 481 permanent hires and 62 temporary hires. Various requests from municipalities across Italy, mainly in southern regions, were approved. The Palermo administration approved a personnel plan for 2024/2026, which was also endorsed by the Commission four days prior. The program includes hiring 5 managers and stabilizing 9 officials with additional funds. There are also plans to integrate 36-hour working weeks for 356 employees previously on part-time contracts. The article also mentions upcoming hires for various roles and collaborations with other municipalities and universities.

Palermo, il Comune assume 5 dirigenti e 48 funzionari di vari profili

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