Palermo, Calì after fire destroys Audi: “Reliving a nightmare, now seeking another armored car”

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“I received with great relief the communication that it was not arson, but spontaneous combustion, even though I am still waiting to know the outcome of serious events concerning me that occurred in the weeks prior. I relived a nightmare.” These are the words of businessman Gianluca Calì after the fire that destroyed his armored Audi, which caught fire in the parking lot of the Lidl supermarket in Bagheria last week.

Calì, owner of two car dealerships, reported and had the extortionists of the racket arrested in 2011, but after the fire he feared being targeted again. The hypothesis of an incendiary attack was ruled out by the carabinieri who conducted the investigation, but now the businessman, who had personally purchased the now unusable car, is asking for help in finding another one. “I am looking for an armored vehicle that I can personally use as a substitute for the one that has just been destroyed following the fire – he writes on social media launching an appeal – anyone who has information or suggestions please let me know privately. Share if you can, thank you to each one of you.”

This is a request that many have responded to, providing information and useful advice to find another vehicle that makes the businessman feel safe. Calì, in fact, after the fire at his dealership and the arrest of his extortionists, continued to receive threats and retaliation. He requested a security detail, but it was not granted. He then decided to purchase the armored vehicle put up for sale on E-Bay by the Renzi government for the spending review. The fire, probably caused by a malfunction in the electrical system, mainly destroyed the front part of the car.

The carabinieri analyzed the camera images, from which no suspicious movements were detected. Furthermore, no traces of flammable liquid were found on the scene. “I express all my anger and my firmness in saying once again, to anyone who intends to do something to me, to my activities and my family, that I will not take a step back in my path of denouncing the mafia – writes Calì – The Dda and the law enforcement agencies demonstrate daily that anyone intending to commit a crime will be brought to justice and this should give clear indications to those who still have doubts about denunciation. A heartfelt thank you to all of you who have filled me with solidarity and let’s move forward, as this land will soon smell of the fresh scent of freedom.”

Palermo, Calì dopo l’incendio della sua Audi: «Ho rivissuto un incubo, ora cerco un’altra auto blindata»

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