Palermo bus driver defends disabled passenger, gets attacked by gang of kids with punches and spit.

A group of young people attacked and insulted a bus driver from Amat, the company responsible for urban transport in Palermo, who had intervened to defend a disabled woman targeted by the group. The incident occurred on bus line 619 near Villa Sofia hospital in Palermo. As the bus was traveling on Antonino Cassarà street, the group of teenagers boarded. They began teasing the disabled woman. The driver stopped the bus and told the teenagers to stop bothering the passengers. In response, he was punched and spat on. The teenagers activated the emergency brake and managed to open a door and escape. The police are currently conducting an investigation to identify the perpetrators of the assault.

Palermo, l’autista dell’Amat difende una passeggera disabile e il branco di ragazzini lo aggredisce con pugni e sputi

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