Palermo, burglary gang strikes again: store on via Fiume targeted

Long nights and shattered glass. Palermo wakes up once again split. The incident occurred in Via Fiume, a side street of Via Roma, around 6 in the morning. One or more criminals, whose dynamics are being investigated by the Carabinieri at the moment, smashed one of the windows of the lingerie store Magia.

The object used to break the glass of the commercial establishment is still unknown, as well as the amount of the loot. The Carabinieri are on the scene, and they have been waiting for the arrival of the business owner since 6:30. Apart from the mannequins pulled from their stations, everything inside seems to be in order: it is the same owner of the store, who prefers to remain anonymous, who reports that “at first glance it seems that nothing has been taken away”.

So, there is only the damage of hundreds of euros left, “but fortunately we are insured”. In the area, a window of a Mercedes was also shattered. Residents and merchants are now on their knees after the numerous thefts and damages suffered: “Nothing has changed since the proclamations of Minister Puantedosi – attacks Antonio Nicolao, vice president of the first district – who assured that there would be more security in the city, which is now a theater of break-ins, muggings, robberies, crack dealing, and urban guerrilla warfare. There doesn’t seem to have been an increase in human resources delegated to security and prevention, we continue to manage the ordinary with the same resources – Nicolao concludes – let alone the much-needed prevention.”

Palermo, la banda della spaccata colpisce ancora: nel mirino un negozio in via Fiume

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