Palermo, Brunori: Match reflects our current situation, empty stands regrettable

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Matteo Brunori scored again today, but it wasn’t enough to give his Palermo the three points against Ascoli, after a long drought. “Me and my teammates are facing this moment. There is a lot of regret, we are human and we do not live this in a positive way. It saddened us to see the empty stands, we all want their support, we must be united and face the situation without running away. I’m sure we’ll come out of it. We must respect the will of the fans – he says again -. For us it is a shame to see the stands empty. Inside the locker room we have always been united, but it is normal to feel displeased if the results do not come,” said the captain. Brunori then talked about today’s game: “That goal at the end was unexpected and reflects the current moment. We put in a great performance. Then, it is normal for conceding a goal like that to cut the legs. We are sixth, there are all the circumstances to do well: we have to give our all for these 5 days and play the first final.”

Palermo, Brunori: «Partita che rispecchia il nostro momento, spiace la curva vuota»

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