Palermo and Schifani promise unions fast stabilization for ex-Pip precarious workers.

The Sicilian Region announces in a statement that the completion of the stabilization of all workers in the former Pip basin of Palermo is approaching, “confirming – it is emphasized – the commitment made by President Renato Schifani since his appointment.” This emerged during a meeting between the president and the trade unions this morning at Palazzo d’Orleans.

Schifani announced a government initiative amendment to be included in the financial document to be discussed at the Regional Assembly in the coming days, to provide the necessary coverage to ensure a stable work future for the precarious workers not included in the first group of stabilizations, ongoing for about three months. “There is already a study of the needs of regional entities, hospitals, and affiliated companies to determine where these workers can be placed, who rightfully expect economic stability and peace of mind for themselves and their families. Overcoming historical job insecurity within the regional administration was a commitment already made during the election campaign, and we are rigorously trying to keep it.”

In recent months, 745 workers have been hired indefinitely in various regional departments, which will increase to 1166 in the coming weeks. The process represents the final act of a path supported by the Sicilian Region, unblocked a year ago, thanks to an allocation for the 2024-2026 triennium of 22.5 million euros and the relevant authorization to Sas for the start of the stabilization.

Palermo, Schifani ai sindacati: «Ci sarà una norma per garantire in tempi brevi la stabilizzazione di tutti i precari ex Pip»

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