Palermo and province: Bike sharing at 8 railway stations

The company Impregida from Palermo has won the bid from the Metropolitan City to provide bike sharing services at eight train stations in the capital city and the province. The bidding process was reopened and the previous decision to award the contract to the temporary group of companies, Bicicri, was revoked. The contract is worth 1.6 million euros and was initially awarded on September 4th. However, the Tar (Regional Administrative Court) ruled in favor of Impregida due to a missing document related to safety expenses. The project includes the implementation of bike sharing services with electric bicycles and the installation of photovoltaic canopies, electric charging stations, and a video surveillance system at 15 stops. Impregida will also provide approximately 180 electric bikes, a smartphone and PC application for users, and manage and maintain the system for one year. The benefiting stations include Palermo, Bagheria, Termini Imerese, Cefal├╣, Roccapalumba, Isola delle Femmine, Cinisi-Terrasini, and Carini.

Palermo e provincia, bike sharing in 8 stazioni ferroviarie

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