Palermo and its province: 45 firefighting operations in just a few hours – VIDEO

There has been incessant work for firefighters in Palermo. From 8 pm yesterday until the early hours of today, the provincial command teams have carried out 45 interventions. 20 of these were related to vegetation and brush fires fueled by strong scirocco winds. The most affected municipalities are Campofelice di Rocella, Campofiorito, Santa Flavia, Camporeale, Villabate, and Bagheria. Trappeto, Partinico, and San Cipirello have also been devastated by several fires. Throughout the night, 5 teams of firefighters were operating in Campofelice. Today, there have been around 20 interventions in the municipalities of Monreale, Termini Imerese, Villabate, and Partinico. Several teams, including the Nbcr (nuclear, biological, chemical, radiological) unit, were engaged at the Cnr headquarters in Palermo. They extinguished a fire in a room where batteries were stored, ensuring their safety by transporting them outside in special containers.

Palermo e provincia, 45 interventi dei vigili del fuoco in poche ore – VIDEO

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