Palermo altercation between Tunisians and Bengalis on Maqueda street: police intervene

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Moments of panic, last night, in via Maqueda in Palermo. According to a preliminary reconstruction, a Bangladeshi citizen was allegedly insulted by a Tunisian who had a knife in his hand. Fellow countrymen of the person being attacked reportedly witnessed the scene and intervened to defend him.

The screams caught the attention of residents who immediately alerted the authorities. Within minutes, at least 6 police cars and several carabinieri arrived, who proceeded to identify the individuals. The arrival of the authorities prevented the worst from happening. The reasons for the altercation are unknown.

This is just the latest incident between citizens of different nationalities. In recent times, many Bangladeshi shop owners on via Maqueda and nearby streets have complained about the hostile attitude of groups of Tunisians.

Last month, also in via Maqueda, a group of Tunisians and another of Bangladeshis clashed in the street, at the height of via Fiume, because some were reportedly bothering passersby and tourists and then kissed a woman, prompting the husband’s anger. A violent brawl broke out and a twenty-three-year-old ended up in the emergency room of the Civico hospital with various bruises all over his body.

“Until the prefecture orders the need to establish a fixed presence to monitor and above all prevent, it will be really difficult to think that these brawls will end,” said Antonio Nicolao, vice president of the first district.

Palermo, lite tra tunisini e bengalesi in via Maqueda: intervengono le forze dell’ordine

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