Palermo alert for a fire at the Bellolampo landfill: flames in the seventh tank

Fire in the seventh tank of Bellolampo, the dump of Palermo. The fire, which at first seemed controllable, worsened as the hours passed with the help of the wind blowing over the waste. The flames are said to have broken out in the afternoon near the biogas extraction plant, and significant damage is already feared. Firefighters and the president of Rap Giuseppe Todaro are on site, monitoring the situation.

This is yet another alarming situation at Bellolampo. Just under a year ago, the largest dump in Palermo was burning, with a dramatic fire that in the following days saw the value of dioxin in the air in some areas of Palermo increase dramatically, 35 times higher than the maximum permitted levels.

“We were able to intervene in time – he says – Monitoring is constantly being carried out. We have the images and I am awaiting a service report on what happened.” A high cloud of smoke is rising from the burning mountain of garbage. The firefighting operations are being complicated by the wind blowing over the mountains on the outskirts of Palermo.

Palermo, allarme per un incendio nella discarica di Bellolampo: fiamme nella settima vasca

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