Palermo activates pediatric emergency point on Via Turrisi Colonna

A pediatric first-aid point has been active since this morning (Saturday, May 4) at the Territorial Assistance Center in Via Giuseppina Turrisi Colonna 43 in Palermo. The structure, previously located in the Di Cristina Hospital premises, is on the ground floor of the building and operates from 10 am to 8 pm on holidays and the day before holidays. The doctors at the new facility provide free pediatric outpatient care to the population up to 14 years of age, and up to 16 years if they are still under the care of a chosen pediatrician. In Palermo, other points are located at the Biondo ward in Via La Loggia 5; at the Casa del Sole ward in Via Sarullo no. 19; at the Enrico Albanese ward in Via Papa Sergio I, no. 5; and at the Guadagna ward in Via Arcoleo no. 25.

Palermo, attivato il punto di primo intervento pediatrico in via Turrisi Colonna

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