Palermo, 14 cell phones found at Ucciardone, union warns of crime alarm

The article highlights the alarm over rising criminal activity in the Ucciardone prison in Palermo, following the recent discovery of latest generation mobile phones. The prison police union denounces the use of drones to smuggle phones and drugs into the prison. The secretary for Sicily of the union spoke about the discovery of fourteen smartphones with charging cables found in the Ucciardone prison, believed to have been dropped from surrounding streets. These incidents confirm suspicions of illicit trafficking, facilitated by the freedom of movement granted to inmates under the open custody regime and current operational challenges faced by the prison police. The union also acknowledges the effort of the personnel at the Ucciardone prison in Palermo.

Palermo, trovati all’Ucciardone 14 cellulari, il sindacato: «Allarme criminalità»

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