Palermitans accused of changing Easter egg barcodes to pay less in Agrigento

Two people from Palermo, aged 28 and 19, have been reported to the Agrigento prosecutor’s office for fraud in conspiracy. According to the reconstructions of the carabinieri, they would have replaced the barcodes to pay much less for 30 Easter eggs. The two Palermitans, with a clever stratagem, replaced the original barcodes of the eggs with those of lower value products, bypassing the automatic payment system and causing an economic damage to the supermarket. The military police of the Villaseta station in Agrigento collected the complaint of the manager of the Conad supermarket at the “City of Temples” shopping center.

Agrigento, cambiano il codice a barre alle uova di Pasqua per pagare meno: denunciati due palermitani

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