Owners of a carpentry and a farm in Trapani in trouble due to lack of safety and non-compliant workers

Explain me quickly the following article:

Four people reported and about 70 thousand euros in fines. This is the result of a series of checks on commercial activities and companies in the province of Trapani, carried out by carabinieri of the labor inspection unit. The owners of a carpentry and a sheep and goat breeding company were targeted during the checks as they had not drafted the risk assessment document, had not appointed a competent doctor, had not initiated workers to health surveillance, had not provided their employees with personal protective equipment, and had omitted the positioning of the emergency medical kit and firefighting devices. For each company, fines of about 20 thousand euros were issued.

Furthermore, the owner of the livestock company was also fined about 6 thousand euros for the presence of two employees in irregular conditions. The owners of two wood material marketing companies did not install acoustic devices during vehicle maneuvers and activated video surveillance systems without authorization. Fines of about 10 thousand euros were issued for each company.

Poca sicurezza e lavoratori non in regola, nei guai i titolari di una falegnameria e di un allevamento del Trapanese

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